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Welcome to Endurance Alchemy Lab! Home of the Jewel of Sports Formulations, Piñon Arnica Endurance Cream. EA Lab was created to assist athletes in recovering more rapidly from stress resulting from injuries, overtraining, and not training enough, using legendary, natural formulations.

We have created amazing, all natural alchemies that assist the body in its natural healing processes. After all, most of the time, it’s the body that is healing itself.

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It’s not only about performance, it’s about being in balance with Life


We distill the piñon pine essential oil that is in many of our products. To do this, we steward our local piñon – juniper – ponderosa forests and woodlands, so that they are more resilient to disturbance, such as wildfire, flood, wind, erosion, and human activity. Our guideline is, if you play in it, then take care of it. What we found, is that when we take care of the forest, the forest takes care of us in return.


What we found is … that when we take care of the forest, the forest takes care of us in return.

Our community of athletes and friends have had amazing and miraculous results from using these products. Many Colorado athletes have come to know the benefits of using our products – some have even called them miracles! These products are not just about the physical form, but they are about the life force that can help us heal, be in top condition, perform at our best, and realize the subtleties of energy and mind, all of which helps us to develop Endurance for Life.

Check out our products on the Products page. They often work best when used in combination with each other. See the product use guidelines under each product for more information.

Beginning in 2016, we will be offering the Endurance Alchemy Lab Online Coaching and Training Support program, with MAF Founding Coach Hal Walter, World Champion Burro Racer, and Coach Toni Westerholm, accomplished Swedish Nordic skier and coach. These two coaches will provide the physical training expertise for running, nordic skiing, and dryland training. We will also be adding the energetic mind training from EA Lab founder Peter May. The basis of our training is to embody building the aerobic foundation, adapting the body to burn fat more effectively, and manage the subtle energies of our bodies, plus … not only be fit, but be healthy physically, energetically, and mentally.


2015 EA LAB logo j sl v6